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Songs from a coastal industrial town

Spending most of his musical life trying to figure out how to get out of that coastal industrial town, Steve Robinson got side tracked wrote hundreds of songs and created a music scene.

One of Steve's early bands, A Comedy of Errors was too eclectic to get a gig, so he created his own gig. The Oxford Tavern became a hub of creativity and a catalyst for live original music for more than 30 years.

Steve's albums have received airplay on college radio in the US as well as Triple J, FBi and Eastside Radio. His video for the song Cost Too Much was aired on Rage and he has performed live for the WIN network and TVS. 

"A songwriter on par with anyone" - As a songsmith Steve can just about do anything, its that old Tin Pan Ally thing of a song for any occasion. 

Song writing for Steve is discovery of how to master an instrument jammed with how to make words jump out and connect with an audience.

“Look up ‘Steve Robinson’ there’s a million of us out there. It makes you think that really we’re all in this together and we’re all trying to lift life up to be something of an art rather than mere survival.”



Quotes from listeners:

Funky spacy Blues Guitar - the train that 's carrying the singer along to an uncertain rendezvous. Takes us along for an enjoyable journey. Vocals set free on this track. Dig it.

"Rip me off again I'm beginnin' to like it!" What's not to like about this tune... Funky bass, worldly lyrics, spazzy guitar. I'm beginnin' to like it!

I'm impressed! I stumbled upon you while skimming through the latest uploads, I usually just click on any random one. Very laid-back and bluesy.

Steve has a warm soulful voice that suits this sweet jazz tune perfectly. That trumpet is also pretty damn cool…... SWEEEEEET ;)

Semi-finalist, Song of the Year 



Photographer: Enya Gannon