Don't Mess With the Songwriter

Patrick Lyons, Justin Frew and Steve Robinson live at The Gasoline Pony Thursday 13 November.

Get inside the songs and inside the heads, up close and personal like, of three pretty damn good songwriters.

In the intimate surrounds of Marrickville's neighbourhood bar remedy join the creative catalysts of the brilliant bands Patrick Lyons and The American Creek Band, Justin Frew and his Loose Intentions and Money Killed Jonny.

Illawarra Folk Fest

Long time musical collaborators, Denise Thomas on vocals and David Beniuk with guitar and vocals. We set the Wollongong music scene alight in the early 90's with our various musical exploits and later performed throughout Sydney. With us is Lindsay Martin on violin who produced and recorded both David's critically acclaimed album The New Normal and my album On the Wings of a Wild Thing. 

We took turns performing songs from our albums, which made it a pretty amazing set.

Honk Festival

All over this weekend from Friday 8 January is Honk Oz in Wollongong. I've been kindly asked by the Environmental Encroachment Band from Chicago to sit in on trumpet. 

Going to be pretty wild. These guys are amazing players

Made In The Shade

Something nice from Pete Williams, 3NRG 99.3FM.....

STEVE ROBINSON'S, ON THE WINGS OF A WILD THING is a splendid album. if one combines the song writing talents of Dom Mariani , Stephen Cummings and Dog Trumpets 'Reg Mombassa' and throw in the jazz elements of Money Killed Johnny (another project that Steve is involved in) one could go close to describing the sound of this cheerful, uplifting, sunny day record.
with a craftsmen's nous and a deft hand Steven Robinson has fashioned a rollicking semi acoustic, intelligent and fun mini opus.
my only problem with this recording is that it is too short